In a nutshell, ‘’ has been launched to provide broadcast quality, factual aviation based programmes and stories.

Aviation is steeped in innovation, design and technology. It’s a place full of colour, texture, machines and gadgets of all shapes and sizes. There is a wealth of history and human challenge – and our aim is to capture this and bring it to the screen as never seen before.

Brought to you by former BBC and ITV producers, aviation journalists and those in the aviation ‘know’. TheHangar will undergo various stages of development over the next three years, but will open with a series of programmes exploring all things airborne and discovering the stories behind the human endeavour to reach for the skies.

We’ll be launching a crowd-funding campaign in September to help start the production of our first series and would welcome your support, so if you’d like to join our site or support our cause,  please just register your interest here. There’s no obligation, but we’ll keep you posted on the line-up and how things are progressing.